• Marik Swift

    Site RP/Fanon?

    May 31, 2016 by Marik Swift

    Anyone interested in perhaps a Manyuu Hikenchou roleplay or fanon?

    I think it'd be fun if done in a RPG format wherein characters are fighting with their breasts kind of serving as stamina and their being different skills and what not.

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  • SRicher

    I am reading the Manyuu Hikenchou raw manga right now; I use an OCR program called 'KanjiTomo' whenever there is a kanji that I don't understand.

    'KanjiTomo' is meant to give reading help to those that study Japanese, but even for those that don't, it can be used to grasp the broader context of what is written. So if you've wanted to get the rest of that Manyuu goodness, but couldn't because there is no scanlation of the manga, you should give that program a try. Here is where you can download it:

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  • Sekirei Fan Boy

    Good job!

    March 20, 2012 by Sekirei Fan Boy

    Nice to finally see a wikia of one of my favorite anime. Keep up the good work!

    Hope there's a season 2 someday now that the manga has ended. Shame no group is translating the RAWs.

    At myanimelist there seems to be one guy posting summaries of each chapter, I don't think he knows Japanese but his descriptions are better than nothing.

    Best thing he posted so far was this family tree chart (chapter 19)

    If what he describes is true that's pretty interesting that the old nun (Juchini) is actually the mother of Muneyuki and Kagefusa.

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