Head Nun from Kyuukyou Temple
Hair color Red/None
Eye color Brown
Height 5'7
Bust DDD cup/A cup
Likes Breasts
Dislikes Manyuu Clan

Juchini is the Head Nun in the Kyuukyou Temple, and she helped Chifusa purify the negative energy in her breasts from using the Breast Slice.


Juchini is only seen wearing a black robe with a longer white one underneath, a shorter brown cloth over the black robe, and a white hood. When she was younger, she had a large pair of breasts and she was a redhead.


Juchini appears to be a strict person; she can be overzealous at times, but her methods of religious salvation and training seem to be another ploy to look at breasts.


  • Kyuukyou temple is in between two mountains, Mt.Unyuu and Mt.Sanyuu, which are seen as breasts. Unyuu is the right breast, and Sanyuu is the left breast.
  • She is, or was, the wife, lover or concubine of Munenori Manyuu.
  • She is the mother of both Muneyuki and Kagefusa Manyuu.


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