Kagefusa's assistant
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Height 5'3
Bust None
Likes Kagefusa
Dislikes Chores

Kagefusa's assistant and best friend. Very much like what Kaede is to Chifusa, Kokage is eternally loyal to Kagefusa, even though Kagefusa is a lot sterner to Kokage than Chifusa is to Kaede.

Appearance Edit

Kokage wears an orange kimono top, with bandages on her wrists and ankles. On her legs, she has black tights and sandals.

Personality Edit

Kokage, although determined to help Kagefusa, is very inexperienced in combat. Thus, she commonly acts as a spy and reconnaissance agent for her master, looking for information to track down Chifusa and Kaede's location.

Gallery Edit

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