Kyouka Manyuu
Chifusa's older sister.
Hair color Purple
Eye color Green
Height 5'8
Bust Possibly B or C Cup
Likes Manyuu Clan, Sarcasm
Dislikes Commoners, Chifusa

Chifusa's kind-hearted oldest sister. She is the calmest person of her family and, despite her general mercy and good nature, she still is an enemy to Chifusa after her defection. She is seen in several episodes. She is the firstborn of Munenori Manyuu.


Kyouka has chest length purple hair, and is always seen in a full length kimono, usually bright and colorful.


At first glance, Kyouka seems to be cold-hearted and nonchalant about her youngest sister, and there also seems to be an underlying sarcastic factor when she speaks about Chifusa.


She is voiced by Ayahi Takagaki.


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