Manyuu Assassin Squad
Manyuu Assassin Squad
(left to right) Yasha,Kagerou,Kasumi,Yirino
Hair color Yasha(Red); Kag&Kas(White); Yirino(Black)
Eye color Yasha(Black); Kag&Kas(Yellow); Yirino(Brown)
Height Yasha(5'10); Kag&Kas(5'8); Yirino(5'9)
Bust Yasha(J cup); Kag&Kas(G cup); Yirino(I cup)
Likes Being Assassins
Dislikes Losing

This is the group that came with Muneyuki to hunt down Chifusa in the Munamori Village.


They all wear an outfit that differs from those worn by the standard Manyuu soldiers, and each outfit is of a different color, possibly to denote rank status. Also of note is that each assassin in this squad has a personalized outfit, except for the twins, who wear their clothes in the same fashion.