Muneyuki Manyuu
Chief Breast Inspector
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Height 5'8
Bust None
Likes Ouka
Dislikes Big Breasts

Chifusa's sibling, whom she initially admires greatly. He is the chief Manyuu Breast Inspector because of his great, natural ability to analyze them. It is because of this job that he despises large breasts, since he claims that after years of staring at and analyzing them, he has grown tired of them.


Muneyuki wears a blue overcoat, with a black kimono top and a grey hakama.


After Chifusa's defection, his darker side comes up, revealing that he is as ruthless as his father and is willing to go to brutal lengths to preserve the Manyuu rule.


  • It is implied that he is either in love with or holds certain feelings for Ouka.
  • He and his younger sister Kagefusa had the same mother, Juchini, who was the wife or concubine of their father, Manyuu Munenori.