Manyuu Hikenchou
Season 1, Episode 1-8
Air date October 4, 2011
Episode Guide

This is the first season of OVA's of the Manyuu Hikencho anime.

List of EpisodesEdit

  1. Kaede's Chifusa Breast Growth Record 1! While Chifusa sleeps at an inn, Kaede decides to measure her breasts but gets carried away and begins to play bondage with her sleeping friend. When Chifusa awakens, she finds herself trapped at her breast-crazed friend's mercy, who begins to play wildly with her boobs.
  2. Forging Beautiful Breasts 1! Kaede performs the Chichi-togi (Breast Polishing) cleansing on Chifusa's breasts to keep them from sagging after they become increasingly large due to her defeating Manyuu Assassins. However, on this occasion, Kaede tries a new form of Chichi-togi that she thinks will also enlarge her breasts...the boob-on-boob Chichi-togi.
  3. Kaede's Play Time 1! Kaede and Chifusa try different techniques from the Manyuu Secret Scroll to try and enlarge Kaede's breasts. After several failed techniques, Kaede stumbles upon one she likes, which involves suckling milk out of a larger breasted woman's bosom. Chifusa attempts to protect her chest, but eventually gets pinned down by Kaede, who begins to suckle greedily on her chest for the whole afternoon.
  4. Kaede's Chifusa Breast Growth Record 2! After Chifusa's breasts expand too much, Chifusa's clothes stop fitting her and in order to make new ones, Kaede has to make a plaster model of her friend's breasts.
  5. Kaede's Chifusa Breast Growth Record 3! Kaede narrates through her journal a whole day of activity during her and Chifusa's travels; which includes descriptions of how they fled from Manyuu Assassins through a forest, by swimming across a lake and finally confronting them and fighting them in a valley at sundown. However, Kaede's descriptions tend to quickly become drabbles about Chifusa's breasts rather than her actions.
  6. Forging Beautiful Breasts 2! Kagefusa forces Ouka to perform the Chichi-togi on her breasts and recurringly teases her with her bosom. When Kagefusa begins to lactate due to the cleansing's effects, she tries to spray her milk on Ouka. However, at this point, it is revealed that the entire sequence was a dream that Ouka had after getting too drunk and falling asleep.
  7. Kaede's Play Time 2! Thinking that Kaede is out shopping at the market, Chifusa takes a bath in a steam room and performs a Chichi-togi on herself. However, a very pleased Kaede arrives and spies on Chifusa's alone time.
  8. Forging Beautiful Breasts 3! After recovering her breasts, Ouka goes to a hot spring to relax and play with her newly found bosom. However, she gets caught by Kagefusa and Kaede, who blackmail her into capturing Chifusa and hold her in place so that Kaede and Kagefusa can suckle on her breasts in an attempt to suckle her milk which, according to the Manyuu Scroll, would enlarge their own breasts.