Tsuyuha Munamori
Chifusa's Aunt.
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Height 5'7
Bust Mid C Cup
Likes Hazuki, Chifusa
Dislikes Manyuu Clan

Tsuyuha is Chifusa's Aunt, and Chikumi's sister. She helps Chifusa understand more about the Chichi-Nagare.


Tsuyuha is mainly seen in a light blue kimono with a light green jacket over it. She is also seen with her daughter, Hazuki.


Tsuyuha is calm and light-hearted, and has the feel of a lovable mother about her. She is very protective, and has the same determination that her sister and niece have.


  • She is voiced by Miyuki Kawasho, who voiced Drossel von Flugel in Disney's Fireball.
  • She is never seen nor mentioned in Episode 11 during Chikumi's flashback.


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